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Buildex® first again with Teks screw specifically designed and manufactured for fixing non compressed Fibre Cement sheeting 6 – 12mm to steel battens 0.9 – 4.0mm.

Featuring the latest Tek® drill point and Phillips drive to reduce the need for pre-drilling, and a lip feature designed to prevent over drilling and allows for a flush finish.

Patented lip feature, ensures the screw will stop as soon as it makes contact with the surface of the board. Prevents overdriving but allows for minimum embedment and a flush finish.

Product Features
Buildex® Warranty

How To Use
1. Can be installed using either a battery powered or mains powered screw gun.
2. Recommended that a nose cone should be used with screw gun.
3. Use a Buildex® No. 2 Phillips Recess drive bit.

  Countersunk Ribbed Head - FibreTek®

Non Compressed Fibre Cement Sheeting 6 – 12mm to steel battens from 0.9 – 4mm.

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Countersunk Ribbed Head - FibreTek®
Gauge T.P.I Length Pack / Carton Qty Pallet Qty Part Number Product Features
4.8mm / 10g 16 25 500 / 3 108,000 6-311-0676-6EC
Buildex Warranty E-coat®    

  Countersunk Ribbed Head - FibreTek® Collated (Coming Soon)
Gauge T.P.I Length Pack / Carton Qty Pallet Qty Part Number Product Features
4.8mm / 10g 16 25 1000 / 8 180,000 6-318-0676-7EC
Buildex Warranty E-coat®    

  Technical Specifications
Pullout data into G450 steel (Kilo Newtons)
1.0mm G500 1.2mm G500 1.5mm G450 1.9mm G450 2.4mm G450 3.2mm G450
2.8 3.5 4.3 5.8 8.3 9.5

  Pullout data into G250/G300 steel (Kilo Newtons)
1.0mm G300 1.2mm G300 1.5mm G250 1.9mm G350 2.4mm G250 3.2mm G250
1.8 2.5 3.4 4.9 7.0 8.4

  Pullout data into RONDO steel (Kilo Newtons)
0.8mm Rondo 1.2mm Rondo        
1.0 1.9        

  Pullover Load (Kilo Newtons)
6mm Sheeting 7.5mm Sheeting 9mm Sheeting 112mm Sheeting    
0.65 1.04 1.40 2.0    
Results may vary subject to types of sheeting used.

  Mechanical Properties
Shear (kN),
Single Shear
Tensile (kN)
Axial Tensile
Torsional (Nm)
Torsional Strength
6.8 11.9 8.4      

  Corrosion Test Result Summary...
Test Conditions Requirements E-coat
ASTM G-87 15 cycles <15% red rust on significant surface areas PASS

Salt Spray      
ASTM B117-03 1000 hours 0% red rust on significant surface areas PASS

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