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A new innovation from Buildex® AutoTeks® is a complete system of both tool and fasteners designed for the easy fastening of metal roofing profiles.

The current way of roof fastening is an exhausting process, placing a strain on the roofers back. AutoTeks® is a new innovation from Buildex®, a complete system designed to substantially decrease fatigue and increase efficiency, eliminating OHS&E claims.

The upright drilling position promotes a more efficient, work practice, allowing roofers to work at the same speed, but for a substantially longer period.

Ensures correct washer height every time eliminating damaged
seals and overdriving of screws.
Easy setup and use for “unskilled” labour.
Type 17's Diagram
Simple operation, a novice user can be up to full speed in minutes.

Accurate depth adjustment reduces dimpling under screw.
Buildex® AutoTeks® Fasteners are fed through this convenient loading chute.

Correct height adjustment first time everytime.
Purpose built foot recently modified, to suit
both square-rib and corrugated roofing profiles.
Automatically centres screws on roof profile.

Only the specially designed Buildex Autoteks® Fasteners can be used with the Autoteks® Tool Assembly. They can however, also be used with standard drill guns.

Better Drill Performance

Buildex® AutoTeks® Fasteners use a new and improved drill point technology
that delivers greatly improved drill performance, particularly in lapped purlins.

All AutoTeks® Fasteners are easily recognisable by the “BXA4” marking on the screw head.

Product Features
Buildex® Warranty
Climaseal® 4
(AS3566 Class 4)

How To Use
1. Connect tool to power source.  
2. Drop ONE screw* point down into funnel.
(Only one screw can be inserted at a time into the tube. Do not fill tube with screws.)
3. Push tool downward until it contacts the roof panel.
4. Engage trigger and continue to push tool downward until screw is fastened.
5. Depth Adjustment Adjustment is made using the large ring located on the upper tool assembly. Rotating the ring closer to the screwgun will make the screw seat tighter to the roof panel.

Buildex® AutoTeks® Fasteners ONLY. Failure to use Buildex® fasteners will result in tool jamming and failure to install fasteners.

  AutoTeks Tool
AutoTeks Tool
Description   Qty Part Number    
AutoTeks Tool Assembly   1 6-991-0366-7    

  M5.5 x 25mm Hex Head with Seal
  For valley fixing roofing and cladding profiles to steel purlins. M5.5 x 25mm Hex Head with Seal
Screw Gauge T.P.I Length Pack / Carton Qty Pallet Qty Part Number Product Features
5.5mm 14 25 500 / 4 144,000 6-310-3619-9C4
Buildex Warranty Climaseal® 4    

  M5.5 x 50mm Hex Head with Seal
  For fastening square-rib roofing profiles to steel purlins up to 4.5mm thick.
50mm in length to accommodate thicker insulation blanket.
M5.5 x 50mm Hex Head with Seal
Screw Gauge T.P.I Length Pack / Carton Qty Pallet Qty Part Number Product Features
5.5mm 14 50 1000 84,000 6-310-3579-4C4
Buildex Warranty Climaseal® 4 ShankGuard® HiGrip®

Painted head colours Head painted colours on request minimum order quantity will apply.

  Technical Specifications (kN = Kilo Newtons, nM = Newton Metres)
Screw Gauge T.P.I Single Shear (kN) Axial Tensile (kN) Torsional Strength (Nm)
5.5mm / 12g 14 8.8 15.3 13.2

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