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Buildex Solutions for Steel Frame Fixing Applications.

Today’s Steel Framing applications offers many challenges to users; (A) with the use of thinner steel (B) the need for greater holding strength (C) the ability to transport frames / trusses without any loosening & (D) improved corrosion performance.
Buildex® has met these challenges head on and offers two new options for these specific applications.

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Steel House Framing Screws

Roofing Range

Buildex® have a diverse range of Roofing fixing Self Drilling Screws to cover most profiles be fastened to steel or timber structures. Available in Class3 and 4 standards

Batten-Zip Screws (Teks®)
For fixing Light Gauge Battens to Steel or Timber Trusses (For more details please contact your Buildex® Representative)
M5.5 - 11 x 40mm

GX® Screw (Thread forming)
For joining pre-punched holes in Frames and Trusses. Flush head style to prevent from sitting proud in dimpled holes.
M6 - 20 x 15mm Flush Head Thread Forming Screw

Flat Head Teks®
For joining steel frames together and give a flush finish allowing for boards and cladding to sit even
across the structure.
10 – 16 x 20 Flat Head Teks®

For Flooring and Wall Cladding, drills a clearance hole in compressed sheeting and other cladding boards before drilling and tapping a thread into steel structure.
10 – 16 x 40 / 45mm CSK Ribbed Head Winged Teks (For all sizes go to page 20)

For fixing Fibre Cement to steel frames and with the screw head fitting flush to Non Compressed sheet.
10 – 16 x 25 CSK Ribbed Head Teks®

Product Features
Buildex® Warranty

How To Use
1. Use no. 2 Phillips driver bit with screwdriver (Teks Gun) set to HIGH speed (approx 2500 rpm).
2. Push sharply on screwdriver to create a starting point.
3. Drive screw keeping a firm end pressure on screwdriver until screw is set place, being careful not to damage washer.

  Flat Head Tek® Screws
  For surfaces where a flat head screw is required be it joining of frames, support braces or allowing cladding to fit flat onto flames. Buildex® new Flat Head Teks offers features such as, Serrations under the head to reduce drill torque and improve strip torque, ability to drill up to 4mm steel for lapped sections. Screws are protected with E-Coat1000 for improved Corrosion performance and drilling performance of the screw. (Coming soon in Collation, to help speed up production). Flat Head Tek® Screws

Gauge T.P.I / Length Pack / Carton Qty Pallet Qty Part Number Finish
4.8mm / 10g 16 x 20 1000 / 6 432,000 6-311-0675-5EC
Buildex Warranty E-coat®    

  Flat Head Tek® Screws Collated (Coming Soon)
Flat Head Tek® Screws Collated
Gauge T.P.I / Length Pack / Carton Qty Pallet Qty Part Number Finish
4.8mm / 10g 16 x 20 1000 / 18 180,000 6-318-0675-6EC
Buildex Warranty E-coat®    

Product Features
Buildex® Warranty
Climaseal® 3
(AS3566 Class 3)

How To Use
1. Always check hole sizes before starting and make sure they are within tolerance for optimum screw performance.
2. Using a No3 Phillips bit with impact driver tool.
3. Insert screw to punched hole and drive until seated material is clamped.

  GX® Screws
  For Pre-punched holes Buildex® offers GX Thread screw extrudes your material outwards increasing with under head serrations to improve strip torque.
Improved fastening performance in light or heavier gauge steel house frames and trusses with GX feature by extruding material outwards to thicken the hole wall. Screws are coated with Climaseal® for the corrosion protection to meet with that of your steel.
GX® Screws

GX® Screws Diagram
Gauge T.P.I / Length Pack / Carton Qty Pallet Qty Part Number Finish
M6 20 x 15 5000 420,000 6-201-0021-1
Buildex Warranty E-coat® GX Thread
Always check with your Buildex® representative for the correct hole sizes before using GX screws.

  Technical Specifications (kN = Kilo Newtons, nM = Newton Metres)
Screw Gauge Single Shear (kN) Axial Tensile (kN) Torsional Strength (Nm)
4.8mm / 10g - 16 6.8 11.9 8.4
M6 - 20 10.8 20.6 19.6

Values given are averages obtained under laboratory conditions.
Appropriate safety factors should be applied for design purposes.

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