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Multi-Grip Rivets
Buildex® Rivets

Provide an effective and an economical alternative to other, more costly methods of fastening, because one size handles the grip range capacity of up to 3 standard open end rivets.
They can clamp a wide range of material thicknesess, reduce inventory requirements, provide superior clamping and high strength, have high vibration resistance and completely fill the hole during riveting.

How to Install
How to install 1 How to install 2 How to install 3
1. Drill hole to required size to suit rivet.
Insert rivet mandrel onto tool making sure to use correct size nose piece on tool.
2. Place rivet in hole and squeeze plier once or twice until stem snaps.
3. Open plier and turn upside down until stem falls out.
Multi-Grip diagram

Product Features
One rivet can be used in multiple material thickness. This reduces inventories and eliminates operator error.
Stem is locked in shell, eliminating the risk of mandrel head vibrating loose while providing a weather resistant joint.

The bulbing formation of the multi-grip type will fill slightly oversized or irregular holes, providing increased strength and vibration resistance.

  Aluminium Body - Aluminium Mandrel Button Head
4.0mm Diameter x 8.9mm Length
  For Roof Cladding, Fascias and Guttering applications,
Where corrosion and material compatibility are an issue.
Aluminium Body - Aluminium Mandrel Button Head
Rivet Code Grip Range Pack / Carton Qty Pallet Qty Part Number
AAMG 5-1/3 0.8 - 4.8mm 10 x 500 360,000 0235032

  Aluminium Body - Steel Mandrel Button Head
3.2mm Diameter x 8.0mm Length
  For General Fascia and Guttering applications. Aluminium Body - Steel Mandrel Button Head
Rivet Code Grip Range Pack / Carton Qty Pallet Qty Part Number
ABMG 4-1/3 0.8 - 4.8mm 10 x 1,000 720,000 0264032

  Technical Specifications
Code Head
Size mm
Rivet Hole
Strength N
Strength N
AAMG 5* 7.9 4.1 - 4.2 #20 AIMg1.5 (AA5050) Aluminium Alloy 7178 845 1025
ABMG 4* 6.4 3.3 - 3.4 #30 AIMg3.5 (AA5154) Carbon Steel 857 1309
*Coloured Rivets available upon request, minimum quantity will apply.

Home > International > Multi-Grip Rivets
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